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PLEASE use distilled or boiled water if you're going to rinse or spray your nose!! I sincerely hope some people on here are forgetting to clarify this and not just using regular tap water! Google for the danger of using tap water for neti pots etc. A lady died by not properly using her neti pot and using tap water because she introduced a bacteria to her brain when rinsing her nose. No joke! USE DISTILLED WATER!

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There is one thing that the media and people are forgetting to mention when talking about Naegleria fowleri, a form of protist, is that it HAS NOT BEEN FOUND IN treated tap water, but has been found in untreated tap water (i.e., well water, stagnant hot lakes, ponds, rivers, ditches, puddles, poorly or un-chlorinated pools, and warm water discharges, etc.). This type of protist cannot live in treated tap water. Do your research first before posting. I wish the media would do the same.


After my 14yo daughter had to have extensive sinus surgery and septoplasty, our ENT Dr who is one of the best ENT Drs I know. I've worked with and known for over 10+ yrs, seen his work first hand personally, professionally (I am a nurse in the ED) and trusted enough to put my daughter in his hands. He prefers the sinus rinse low positive pressure bottle and we kept using the pre-mixed packets of rinse that is made made same company. It doesn't burn and it is mixed in the proper ratio. He said to use distilled water only. Which makes perfect sense to me, because of all the minerals/chlorine that is in tap water depending on where you live and if it's well of city water. Neither should be used to rinse your sinuses. Distilled water is the only thing I would use for multiple reasons. I would also like to point out that you need to clean the bottle, Neti-pot, or the Sinugator whichever you are using regularly as instructed.
You do not want to introduce any kind of bacteria of any kind or such to your sinuses.

Shauna Russ, gratefully caring for my canine partner, Ms. Phoebe

These are such helpful and thoughtful remedies and comments - thanks to everyone who is willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us! More than anything else, you just have to use common sense (which, unfortunately, is not really so common!). Anytime you are introducing a foreign substance into the unseen, unmonitored cracks, scratches, dark corners of your body, expect that you will be contaminated by your solution!

Have the same suspicious attitude about anything that you have not tested or anything that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Look at the period mark following the word 'eye' in the above line and then follow that trail all the way up to your hand! How many places has that long, exposed line been to, unobserved? Remember the appearance of some of those unidentified, mini-monsters that you've seen through the lens of the microscope? Bleck! Yuck! Keep away!! There are so many dangerous substances floating around in less than pristine water - don't invite it to take up housekeeping in your valuable and delicate body!

Thanks ever so much to everyone who has shared their ideas and thoughts with us! This is the only body that you'll occupy while here - treat it like the precious gem that it is!

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