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Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% Oral Rinse- This saved my life. I was a chronic mouth sores/canker sores/cold sores person. I tried everything: salt, baking powder, oils, ointments, magic mouthwash, etc you name it. I took steroid base prescribed drugs by my doctor at no vail. Took blood tests for vitamin B defficiency and would constantly supplement vitamin B complex. Sores would come out and last 2-3 weeks and give me a break of 1 week and would start all over.

This mouth wash saved my life. Its instantaneous, as soon as I feel that burning sensation be it on my tounge, my lips, cheeks, I just rinse with it, and its all fixed. If you currently have extreme case of sores as I used to, get this rinse and it would heal it in a couple of days. If it is beginning, then it would get rid of it right away!!!! I stand by this rinse, I stopped using listerine, crest I use this, thank God for this solution!!!!

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Suffered a few bouts of canker sores a year all my life. Tried everything over the years and the first product I ever found to almost instantly take the pain away was Chlorhex, a mouthwash a dentist gave me to heal my wisdom teeth removal.

Had a little left over and tried it when a new canker sore showed up. Could't believe how fast the pain disappeared! The next day I went to my dentist and bought another bottle. The stuff isn't cheap but the instant results are nothing short of miraculous. No idea why more people don't know about it. It's strong stuff and requires a doctor to get it but if the pain is unbearable, no price is too high.

The sore still lasted a few days but the Chlorhex definitely made it tolerable. Next time you see your dentist, ask if they carry any chlorhexedrine mouthwash. You'll thank me later. ;)


A HUGE thank you to the person who suggested the Clorhexidrine Gluconate mouthwash. We are in Mexico for 2 months, and I arrived with a lower lip full of canker sores. I tried all remedies suggested; nothing helped. Then I reached the C.G. mouthwash suggestion--happened to have some from having a tooth pulled before we left. Two days and they were gone! Another started on my upper lip last week--one application cured it. This stuff is a miracle. Where can you buy it, apart from the dentist's office? THANK YOU!!


Chlorahexadine does help but is a form of a antibiotic that you wouldn't want to use continuously. Be sure to use a prescribed, however, it does help with mouth sores. Just as any antibiotic, you wouldn't want to use long term. As a hygienist, I will provide them with a bottle and some will return for more. I explain to them the reason for the harm of continuous use. I do have patients with periodontal disease that I will recommend them another bottle if I see they will need further more assistance but still I don't recommend it to the for long term.
Also note that this rinse does cause staining so make sure brush and floss before use

I hope this information helps :)


I have this rinse here at home (I'm a dental assistant)and gave this to my 7 yr old son who has a canker sore from eating tomatoes. Gave it to him last night & this morning. I tried it as a last resort effort to help him and I'm glad I did! I just saw your posts on this. Yes, this cures ALOT of mouth issued but use with caution. This is a RX and should be used only when needed and WILL stain your teeth badly with repeated use.


Great stuff! My dentist prescribed it when I had two dime size canker sores in my throat. They started healing immediately. Love it!

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