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soak cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide (the brown bottle) and rub affected area vigerously. Apply neosporin right after cleaning.

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How many times a day do you have to rub the hydrogen peroxide and apply the neosporin to the spot(s)?


this works if you have only small amounts of ringworm. as rubbing it off causes scabbing. (hence the antibacterial lotion needed afterwards).

karen smith(hernando ms.)

i have large ringworm around my a-hole and tried this cotton ball thing,well after 14 cotton balls became impacted i could not go to the bathroom for days and had to be taken to the doctor was this bad luck or a bad idea?


bad luck


im almost afraid to ask but how did u get a ringworm around your a-hole?


you dont use anti-bac creams it spreads them dombie

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