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I had a cough that didn't let me sleep and my ribs were killing me. I taught English at the time. One of my mature students gave me a bottle of Cretan Raki with instructions to heat up an expresso sized cup of raki with a teaspoon of honey and drink while hot. I slept like a log for the first time in days ... and the cough was much improved. I have always used the same recipe ever since.
Any high alcohol (4o%+) drink will do. We finished the raki years ago but have used ouzo, tsipouro, and Southern Comfort all to good effect.

Off to make two lots now. That time of the year again.

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was your student albanian


What the heck? What kind of stupid question is that?


Haha! Either Albanian, Montenegrin, or Serbian. This is all we use. Raki is good for fever also if put on towel and wrap feet with it. Safe for kids too - fever will drop within 2 min!

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