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I have found that although it's uncomfortable.. throwing up is the best remedy. If it's excess acid.. the best way for me is to get rid of it. It just makes more sense calming it with reducers that may not work.

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i am sorry, I am not about to throw up just to get relief. I have tried all of the others.. if it does not go away by Monday. I am going to the dr. I have had heartburn since Wed.. and it is Sunday.


Sadly it does help. I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant and have the worst heartburn. I've had it all night and tried multiple things. Sometimes heartburn is caused by too much acid in the stomach. I didn't even make myself sick, my body did it on its own. Though its not 100% better and my throat still burns, at least I'm not coughing up that dreadful stuff anymore.

stefanie keplinger

Agreed, throwing up works best for me aswell, except I had a cesarian a week ago so have tried the apple, cold water, vinegar, honey, warm water and mine and my mothers entire stash of antacids and its been 4 hours and I'm still in agony.

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