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For dog mange: Mix used motor oil & Sulfur powder and apply liberally to affected areas of the skin. Worked extremely well in every case. Repeat if necessary. Does not harm the dog in any way that I recall

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My Pop's (grandpa) would pick up old stray mange infested dogs all the time when he was alive and fix them up with a good ole used motor oil bath, and it worked every time. To the ignorant person that posted some BS about being a 'redneck', my vet actually recommended the same treatment for a rescue lab that we rescued from a gas station parking lot. People like you who are full of total crap need to learn when to shut your uneducated pie hole!!!

Who is really the ignorant one?

When I read this post I had to look at the comments. This is a treatment that I have heard of for a while now. I read a bunch of people flinging insults and put downs as well as information about used motor oil being a carcinogen to mammals. If it is so bad why is it legal for people to change their oil themselves. Also, why are mechanics not dropping like flies. Could it be that this cheap and effective treatment actually works? I also wonder if certain people feel embarrassed that it works faster than the fancy organic treatments. Also, where does petroleum come from? Isn't it found in the ground? Is the ground not part of nature? Just a few thoughts.


absolutely not!


I have used motor oil on dogs for years to kill mange. It works wonderfully. My animals just got better (the itching stopped and the Hair grew back). For heaven sake people.


Just wanted to say, I had one of my farm dogs come down with, what I am guessing is canine scabies, and the other starting it as well. I had been to the vets a few times over the years and they would just give steroid injections or medication that simply made them sleepy.

I gave this a go JUST THEN. Just a dab of used oil on the affected areas (which were several) and it has definitely stopped them itching... completely.

I changed and cleaned their bedding also.

Now I will see how it heals.


Update from above: it didn't work. But I only did a dab of it. Will try something less harsh


Are u crazy you must be a backwooder...MOTOROIL WILL KILL YOUR DOG!


Motor oil works GREAT,!!! IT'S A DOWN SOUTH THING!!!?

Oil is poison rednecks



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