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For dog mange: Mix used motor oil & Sulfur powder and apply liberally to affected areas of the skin. Worked extremely well in every case. Repeat if necessary. Does not harm the dog in any way that I recall

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Just because it works doesn't mean it is healthy. And just because your dogs didn't get cancer doesn't mean others won't. Not all vet got cancer from agent orange but many did.
Please don't put this on your dog, people.

tuff as nails

We've been using burnt oil for decades in the deep south, works well, the dogs are fine as long as u don't let them swim in it. Have u people never changed ur oil or worked on a motor, it's nothing really.


USED motor oil DOES cause cancer and cant be refuted period.Oil such as vegetable oil (cheaper anyway)unscented baby oil,etc can be used as parasites and other insects have exoskeletons and breathe through their skin if you coat them with the oil they will die because they have no oxygen intake.


Hi i have a question, does this have to be forcefully used motor oil? can i use new motor oil instead?


How often should I change my dog's motor oil?


It seems that the natural mentality of morons is that if ONE pill makes you feel better than take 10 or 20 or 30 and that should make you feel WAY better.
The reason USED motor oil is specified is because all of the additives used to maintain viscosity, etc. have been burned or used up. Virtually everything you eat or take to cure you is fatal if taken in large quantities. This is a one time treatment and Sulfur is the active ingredient in almost ALL mange medications available. NO - DON'T dip your dog in a vat of motor oil every day idiots. Use ONCE where needed. IT works. Bunch of dumasses.


Can sumone tell me how much of each ingredient and how to mix them together


I wanna know how much I should mix for my dog? honestly I thin if it was going to kill them it would have killed other dogs as well and I have not seen one comment that stated it killed there dog. Honestly I change the oil in my car quiet often so I think the dogs will be alright.

been there

My dad treated out sheltie with used motor oil under recomendation of my country cousin. Vets said it was allergies for 3 years. One treatment and she was cured forever and her hair grew back. She lived to be 16 1/2 yrs old and sweet as ever.


I was told to use Crisco and sulfer together and rub on the dog?. Sounds better than motor oil.

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