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For dog mange: Mix used motor oil & Sulfur powder and apply liberally to affected areas of the skin. Worked extremely well in every case. Repeat if necessary. Does not harm the dog in any way that I recall

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gotta wonder about people!

Good lord, vaseline is a biproduct of petrol! use your brains!


My dad used motor oil to help cure mange on our dogs for many years. Our dogs all lived to a very old age. This is what people did back in the old days


I find it very difficult to take this treatment seriously. Come on, now!!!


to hte person that claims motor oil causes cancer in mammals. Could you please site on link htat shows were a human (mammals) has been diagnosed with cancer and told that it was because he or she changed their oil in their vehicle on time. because this exposure for the animal isa one time thing. humans especially mechanics who by the way again are mammals expose themselves numerous times a year some even 12 times a day to this product. that was the dumbest argument against a treatment i have ever heard or in this case read.


hello redneck, i don't think your changing oil in your car has anything to do with applying and leaving it on your dog. come on i think mechanics are able to wash their hands. Maybe you should apply it to yourself for a week or so and then report results.


I applied used motor oil to one of my dogs after spending hundreds at the vet and the mange started clearing up within 24 hours. Her itching stopped almost instantly. As far as it being bad for them she lived to be 16 years old. It works great and it is the only treatment I will give if any of my dogs get it in the future.


You should be shot!!!!!

Carol J

I'm not going to tell anyone to use motor oil on their dog, I've known numerous people over the last thirty years that have and swear no harm to the dog and the mange never came back. Check into what Vets dip your dog in to kill the mites and decide which is worse, personally I'd rather bath in motor oil than insecticide.

dogs are my life

i will try this on my baby meaning my dog i hope this works i don't want to pay a vet bill i have motor oil laing around so i will try it


Goodness, Insectiside VS. Motor Oil and remember Dogs, no matter how much you love them are, This may come as a animal not a human being! Some of your posts.......'You should be Shot'?!?!? lab thinks you need a digital literacy class.

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