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My boyfriend has had constant ear infections and ear aches for around 6 months now. For awhile there, they got seriously horrible, pus draining, him in a lot of pain to the point of tears. & When I looked in his ears, it was absolutely disgusting. When we flushed his ears out, globs the size of pencil erases would come out. We finally got it down to a science as far as helping with pain and getting the infections to go away.

1. Take medications for pain every four hours as needed. It helps with inflammation as well. We use 600-800mg of ibuprofen. Don't miss a dose.
2. Heat up 1/2 c olive oil, some garlic, and 5 or 6 drops of teatree oil. Dab a cotton ball in the warm mixture and put it in the ear while laying down. Let the mixture seep into your ear.
3. The salt cloth. Pour some salt into a rag. tie off the end with a hair tye or rubber band. Dip just the end of the salt ball into some water and heat the entire thing in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time. Lay the infected ear over the salt ball for at least 30 mins. Will help with pain.
4. If you're having problems with ear blockage and buildup. After the warm oil soaks in your ear for about 15 minutes, flush the ear out with a soft nose bulb and some warm water. Tip your head over a bowl or sink and squeeze the warm water into your ear with even pressure. Don't force it in too hard or you could damage your ear. This may take a few times of rinsing to get all the gunk out. It sometimes takes 8 or 9 rinses to knock it all loose.

Remember that if your pain and infection lasts more than a week or so, you should definitely see a Dr.

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Andrew Brown

I have had really bad earache the past 2 nights. I can't hear well out of my left ear as of the blockage. My antibiotic eardrops have been thrown away because they were out of date. What shall I do? Please help


The salt cloth is a good trick. But I use a sock, fill it up with salt and tie the end of the sock so the salt won't fall out. Microwave for a minute or so. This creates a 'dry heat' that will draw liquids out. While it does help with the pain a little, if you have swimmer's ear, this is the perfect cure.

I don't put water in it at all. I stick with the dry heat.


i just wanted to say thank you for the different ways of dealing with the ear aches... i have a 5 yr old that keeps waking up with his ear hurting and we cant get to see the doctor for another week... and i tried everything with sleepless nights... until i seen your post so i tried the salt rag trick and within 20 mins he was out and asleep with out pain.... thank you so much... now i think i can get a lil bit of sleep...:)


I would be careful taking that much ibuprofen in such short intervals. The prescription dosage is 800 mg every 8 hours. If you are taking 600-800 mg every 4 hours you are putting yourself at high risk for a gastrointestinal bleed.


I agree about the Ibuprofen. With dosing that high, you are also putting your liver at risk. Ibuprofen is highly liver toxic, and it takes a while for the liver to detox that high of a dose. As an R.N. I recommend that you only take 400mg every four hours. The anti-inflammatory effect, of that dose is sufficient for what you are using it for. Do not take that dosing schedule for more than a week, or even at that dose you are putting your liver at risk.


A few nights of high dose ibuprofen won't hurt your - it's when you use it a lot for something chronic like arthritis that you start to see problems. I know this cause I used to work in pharmaceutical advertising and I read all the studies. Ibuprofen is great for short illnesses to ease pain, fever, and inflammation -- the last part, the inflammation, acetaminophen (tylenol) won't do.


Actually the RN that posted was initially correct that too much Ibuprofen/Motrin could cause GI(stomach, digestive) bleeds but was incorrect about liver problems. Tylenol(acetaminophen, paracetamol) is processed thru the liver so that is why you should never take too much of either. Also, do NOT drink alcohol with Tylenol as this is also processed thru the liver. For adults, try alternating doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen.
Example: take 2 regular strength(325mg each) at 1200. Next take 600 mg Ibuprofen at 3:00. Tylenol again at 6:00 and Ibuprofen at 9:00. They process thru the body differently and if you alternate then you can safely take something for pain/fever every 3 hours instead of having to wait 6-8 hours. ****Special note for children's: always dose by WEIGHT not age and check with child's doctor before giving them any meds as babies under 6 months cannot handle Ibuprofen in their tummies yet. Also, NEVER give children under 16-20 years old(depending on what age doctor says) Aspirin.


I used the garlic tea tree olive oil on my son's clogged ear, flushed it with warm water in a bulb a few times, then he used the bulb (dry) to suck chunks of wax from his ear. It was so amazing and SO GROSS! Now he can HEAR! YAY!
Thank you for sharing your remedies! I have bookmarked them.

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