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I have an old filling that fell out of my back right upper teeth a few months ago. My family has long struggled with tooth problems, and I've been waiting for the first of the year (for my FSA cash to kick back in) to go to the dentist.

Tonight, while sitting in my mancave downstairs, a raging toothache hit me out of nowhere. In a manner of 10 minutes, I was doubled over on my couch. I did some searching and found this site.

Thirty minutes ago, I went upstairs and mixed garlic power with a little bit of salt and pepper in warm water (not hot). I swished it around my mouth for as long as I could stand, spit it out, then swished around some more. I probably had a 12 oz. cup of the mixture, and I poured out the final three or four ounces.

It still hurt for about 15 minutes after, but I could feel the pain subsiding. Now I'm pain free. I'll definitely be calling my dentist in the morning (FSA money be damned), but for now I can function and feel OK ... even if my breath smells like pizza :-).

Thank you!!

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it works O_O thank you XD


Omg thank you it feels so much better


Oh my thank you! This worked wonders!! I've tried everything including pain meds. I wouldn't want to breathe on anyone right now with my garlic freshness lol Brought my pain from an 8-9 to a 2-3 super fast!

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