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Wash face MORNING and NIGHT with any off the shelf ACNE CLEANSER ( they all basically have the same ingredients). Washing your face too much can cause you to brake out even more. Make sure to mostuirze with oil free face cream after every wash. Drink eight glasses of WATER a day and eat a fresh ORANGE every day ( THIS IS KEY). It really works trust me.

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Iv'e looked at the ingredients for different acne products that I have used, and some have very different ingredients. you want to make sure you get a product with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. I've also never heard of eating an orange a day helps fight acne, but i wil lgive it a try.


why an orange???


Because oranges and blueberries have natural antioxidants that naturally heal skin problem, be they scrapes from climbing or acne.

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