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How a 'freak out' moment and realized that I ha contracted HPV through a partner. Within two days I have seen a tremendous difference with the use of 1. Alcohol 2. ACV and 3. Blu Goo (bought at family dollar general store--or which ever the yellow store is). I work full time so the ACV smell concerned me and was only an option when I was home and soaking in the bathtub for 15 min. The alcohol was used first thing in the morning and last a night as my 'cleanser.' The Blu Goo is used throughout the day and applied everytime i use the restroom. Will keep you posted as to when the warts are completely gone.

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Hi what is ACV I was diagnosed with GW like 4 months ago I would just like to get rid of these please?


A (apple) C (cider) V (vinegar)

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