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After suffering the most excruciating pain of a dry socket after wisdom tooth removal plus tooth ache for 10 days and many broken nights, i finally resorted to the advice on this website and used the oil of cloves diluted with olive oil.Amazing!No pain this morning and not taking strongest pain killers for first time in 2 weeks.Let's hope i'm pain free until my next visit to the dentist. This website is a godsend!

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Been suffering for 5days.Had 3teeth removed 1 a wisdom.After researching found I have dry socket.Going to try and ge some clove oil when stores open.My dentist is now on vacation.He gave me a sm.amount of pain pills after extracton that didn't help.Thought the pain was from him having trouble with 1 it broke and he really did some digging in my gums for a long time.Thank you for the advice..Worth a try


Hi lot herë again unfortunately pain of dry socket came back with avengeance pain was unbearable at weekend And had to plead with emergemcy dental services tp see me. FINALLY saw great dentist who packed the socket with a dressing and gave me antibiotics. When you can insist on this because it is first time painfree for a day in 2 weeks!I have never had such pain and this seems to be working

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