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This is by far the worst thing I've ever experienced, but I've been focused on ways to make it better...only have had two outbreaks so far, but they were both very close together (two months apart) and very severe. I want to cry with pain and itching.

Vaseline is the best thing I've found to help the burning while peeing. Coat the entire area with quite a bit of it and clean off afterwards. No pain :)

Hydrogen peroxide is good relief and dries up the sores nicely. Use a hair dryer to make sure it's nice and dry. Still not sure whether it's ok to use on internal lesions (I have with a Q-tip with no problems), but I'm not sure of the safety or side effects.

Tea tree oil, bee propolis, diaper rash cream are all other soothing options that have worked well. Aloe vera is very soothing as well if it burns.

If you can't sleep at night, take a benedryll or two to sleep through it. I try and sleep naked just to let it air out.

If anyone has any great itching remedies or internal lesion advice, please let me know!

Good luck and stay positive :) oh and take your vitamins! Lysine, vitamin C, zinc, etc :)

This sucks. The hardest part is changing your lifestyle, dieting, and exercising for me personally. Hopefully this gets better with time! :(

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Thanks for all your information. I just found out the weekend prior to Christmas. All I wanna do is sleep.. I feel angry, emotional and sad all at once.


Dermoplast spray has been a LIFESAVER for peeing. It stings a bit when you first put it on, then it numbs the area. I'm so glad my GYN told me about it today. Otherwise, I was headed for the ER and a catheter (which would have been excruciating).

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