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Pop the blackhead with very clean fingers then apply neosporin directly to area. The blackhead will be gone and there will be no trace of any scaring within 1 to 2 days.

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I tried what you suggested right before i went to sleep and i covered it with a band-aid so it wouldnt rub off while i was sleeping. There was nothing there when i woke up. i was so happy. Thank You


what if you cant pop your blackhead...


how do you pop a blackhead...

Pimple-Free lol!

u hav to sort of have long finger nails , u squeeze it .. a finger nail and the left side a finger nail at the right side and push to the middle and POP goes the weasel.. :P


Actually, if you squeeze, you may damage the skin. Try pushing straight down instead. That's what they do to extract during a facial.


is neosporn the same as polysporn?


blackheads dont leave scars...only white heads do...


after extracting the crap out of the blackhead put a little 70\\% dmso on it. I use dmso on my face and it cures everything! it makes you smell like garlic, but I can't smell it on myself so I don't care!!! Also, it's really good to extract anything you can from your pores because blackheads stretch them out and just get bigger. GROSS!!!


once on tv i saw someone pop his blackhead and what came out was what looked like a small, long white worm with a black head, which i assume to be the long acne fluid with a black top- and it popped out kind of like a volcano eruption... disgusting


it helps if you put a hot face cloth on it before you pop it that way you can make sure all the 'pus' goes to the head

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