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8 oz apple cider vinegar
4 oz warm water
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda

Mix dry ingredients first then slowly add to wet as the vinegar and baking soda will react slightly. Be careful not to get in pets eyes.

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This works great I used it on my three month old baby Ella. My dog loved this stuff, and try adding just a couple pinches of garlic powder. It worked and I found it keeps them off a bit longer and slows them down a little quicker.


i tried this on my dogs sprayed it on & did not rinse it out. i also sprayed raspberry dog cologne cheap from walmart to cover up the smell. the dogs have been itching a LOT less, but found some slow-moving fleas (maybe about to die?) on my dog with longer hair so i picked them out & sprayed more of the solution hopefully that works!


Well my dearest dogs slept like babies after me and my husband bath them and sprayed the mixer on them all i can say is thank you thank you Rosemary South Africa

Diamond's Human

Saw the first flea on my 11 week old GSD puppy last night. Due to the late hour, I tried this remedy today but did not notice any fleas, alive or otherwise, come off my dog. Then again I did not run a fine tooth comb through her coat either. We'll see how the itching and biting goes from here. It's possible that was the ONLY flea and I just didn't see the little bugger's demise.


This has worked great on my dog. I have a small dog and two large ones. One the smaller dog she has thin hair. I have coated her down with the mixture about 15 mins ago and I can see dead fleas all over her. I have read all of the post I am still confused if I should rinse them off or wait until tomorrow to give my dogs a bath. I have not checked my larger dogs their coats are much thicker and its harder to see the fleas on them. I voted this a 10 so far its working great.

judy Upton

Doesn't Work! Just wasted the vinegar!

Mike (Wales, uk)

Just tried it on my cocker spaniel puppy. Left it on no rinsing. Baking soda is Bicarbonate of soda over here. (uk) It stinks. Mixed it with diluted lemon juice steeped overnight. 2 or 3 fleas fell off immediately. I had to pour it over as she hates the sprayer. No reaction except shivering. Keep you posted.

Mike (Wales, uk)

Slows the fleas down slightly. I Killed over 20 fleas and there remain more. If it's not 100% effective, which it isn't, what's the point. I will try it again with modifications. Garlic (a safe dose) and a rosemary infusion perhaps. I will keep trying...Maybe it's the breed but it's cerainly not what it purports to be.


I tried this and saw very few fleas fall off of my dog. A bust as far as I can see.


Just like magic! I soaped up my 8 week old healer pup and poured the solution on and shampooed all together rinsed and dried her off. I did not see one live flea on her after that! Wow, such a wonderful alternative to chemicals! And it worked so fast! If flea's are driving you as crazy as they are your dog, don't give a second thought to this! Now off to spray down bedding and carpet!

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