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8 oz apple cider vinegar
4 oz warm water
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda

Mix dry ingredients first then slowly add to wet as the vinegar and baking soda will react slightly. Be careful not to get in pets eyes.

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before using the advantex, read up on it. I used it yesterday on my dog and she hasn't been the same at all. I had to take her to the vet because she was experiencing some behavior problems, like hiding in my closet and running around randomly. The doc said she was having a bad reaction from the product. I googled it and read that many dogs had a bad reaction. She is still acting weird.


It gave my dog relief! thank you!


Can i use something other than baking soda?


Isn't that the recipe for a science fair volcano?


this gave my dogs relief. they were constantly scratching to the point of being raw.


IT is after 9 p.m at night and I have dealt with two dogs, one a full sized over grown 150 pd. yellow lab and a ten pound Yorkie Maltese! Both are almost 3 years of age. My flea problem started about a year ago at the same time last year and I took them to the vet and the cost was not something my husband will ever do again. Besides the steroids, antibiotics, and the suggested frontine seemed to work for the first few days! The vet even said my Lab had a allergy to the fleas and the exact spot where I put that awful frontline crap on my Lab is the spots he would not stop diggin at! Now I have been forced to try other remedies as my Lab is looking like a baboon is going nuts!My husband was about to relent and give in to another 400.00 not including the meds when he found this information. I have sent him to buy the organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt, alum. free baking soda, and spray bottle!!! I will post back in a hour with results and again tomorrow so that the information can be followed or not by experiment. I am appalled at the mean comments of those who think doing this cheap or easy way to save money as the crap the vet has may not be the best or safest choice, besides it has been my experience to place the same aomount of trust into a vet that I would an attorney! Also, the BLUE DAWN does work but only in the midst of the act of bathing the animal in it and the same hour there will be new fleas! I am sure that we are aware the salt and vinegar would sting if used the WHITE VINEGAR, but it is apple cider vinegar that this is asking for which does not burn the current paper cut on my finger or the shaving cut from the razor on my legs I received in tonights shower! I am thinking of trying the additional soaking of rosemary leaves or perhaps the vanilla or orange extract to combat any smell that has been mentioned in the comments. It has been well known that fleas have been around for forever, since the dinosaurs and I dont believe our ancestors had the access to frontline! Furthermore the alternative my vet, and another I used, is to get my lab and his buddy on a pill that is used for heartworm and flea ticks. Of course the pill is expensive as well, and not ot mention a test that is almost 100 to make sure there are not heartworms present! This 100 test is annual, the meds are few months, the examine fee, and time of work, cleaning house and so forth so that by the time your done trying it a whole pay check has been spent! Husband pulling up now! Dont forget people that there is nothing wrong with trying a few safe methods that you would try on yourself to see if the outcome is beneficial to spending that whole check for one dog. I claim to have four kids, two of which are canine, and two of which are said to be human so I love all four and would save any money I could so that more things are able to be purchased for enjoyment of all! Good luck and thanks for all time spent by those who are understanding, loving,animal lovers that are financially uanable to afford 500.00 plus twice a year for one doganimal lovers!


Just finished spraying, well I rubbed it on my Lab so that the spray noise wouldnt scare him and I also did it that way to keep it away from the raw areas he had been digging at. I do think it might burn but he didnt seem to notice that since I put it on my hand and the dog brush....ten minutes later and he is layng down not itching. I also sprayed it on the rugs he lays on, his bed and the carpet places he likes to snooze at! Smell is horrible but itching seems to be lots less! Tommorrow I think I will put him in the tub and mix it with his shampoo and Dawn, blue dawn, in effort to keep them away and also to avoid smell! Thanks and will post more tomorrwo


Just wanted to update from the 3rd and let all know that this is an awesome and painless way to take care of the flea problem, and cheaper with no worries of pesticide allergies! Both dogs are happy and sleeping and seem to be back to their happy loving self....I used the dog brush on the soft side and dipped it in the solution since i worried it would burn the spots on his behind and tail that he rubbed raw...I even put it all over the rugs, carpets, etc. I have been experimenting with orange oil, and rosemary leaves to get smell to not be so loud. The smell is loud but not after about 20 minutes or so, and the animals dont keep the smell on them either. Try the orange in it and boil rosemary needles in the water part of the solution! Already see the raw areas growing hair back and I am just so ohappy to have found this....Thanks! Now i am off to find solution for dryness or the areas that are now without hair. He has dandruff stuff in them areas and I have applied hydrocortisone cream and even triple antibiotic for him to lick it off like it is a treat. I decided that is not wise to do as scared he will overdose on it or something...I will continue to use this website for any home remedys that may help keep cost down and problem at bay! I will say I have put this solution on every night so and plan to do so for the duration of a flea cycle so that they dont get him back and will use the deterents in the yard and house such as eucalyptus plants, and the lemon grass if i can find that one, not to mention the orange oil or zest stuff!


How long should I leave this mixture on my dog?


thank you cloudnauert50 for adding your name and an honest fact based post to follow!!! i feel i can now give this a shot... thank you so much.

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