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I had athletes foot and it went through its stages where it was really red and had little bumps all over that had puss in them,I would non stop itch them, eventually I tried a few remedies, including desatin(baby but rash cream) and soaked my feet in epson salt, it changed the way athletes foot was presenting it self, it turned really dry and still kinda itchy, making my feet crack under my toes, and in the creases. Now I am using tea tree oil, and wearing socks. and sleeping. When I woke up the first time after using it my feet were super dry, the infection wasn't as bad but my feet cracked even more, so then I would put vitamin e oil on them and sleep with socks, this moistened and healed my foot, then the next day I slept with tea tree oil and back and forth until it was gone. Hope this helps, sorry it was so dang long.

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