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I have had regular outbreaks of migraines my whole life. Especially prior to menstruating. I haven't found a remedy for that other than trying peppermint oil. Ive been unsuccessful. But for all other migraines that last for days I find that a hair cut helps. I find that when my hair gets to be too long and starts thickening is when I start to get severe migraines. I think even the massaging of the scalp prior to the cut helps a great deal as well. I cant have my hair grow past my shoulders and I need it thinned significantly. I also use peppermint oil on my temples, jaw, and neck and drink peppermint tea for migraines unrelated to menstruation

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Wow I never even thought about my hair needing cut. I also have very long and think hair. You post was very helpful thankfully!


Peppermint Oil BURNS your skin!!

Sweeny Todd

Getting a haircut... Are you insane? Maybe it's simply a distraction from your head pains, but as a 'remedy'? No.


Frova is a newer prescription my doctor gave me and WOW does it ever help - the only trick is you have to know your cycle because you can only take it a few days prior to your cycle starting. Good luck.


Go to sleep in a dark room.


I have a similar situation to you. I have tried SEVERAL medications and itching seemed to help. Even tried Frova and that worked for a little while before my body got used to it I think. Now when I have a migraine, I take Treximet. It has some strange side effects (neck aches, skin sensitivity) but it knocks the headache out in NO time. Check it out!

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