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Hi there, I am 16 years old struggle severly with anxiety and panic attacks and also stress. Ive had it since a young pre-schooler(what my mom says). Ive started getting medical problems like my back and neck would go in hectic spasim,if I stress alot my suger or blood pressure drops and then everything just go wrong,i have a spastic colon that i hate and also a irretable bell(sorry dont know how you spell it) it gets like madly sore when i have anxiety and paic attacks(i start feeling sick like to vomit or my head is like sore)and i got really bad acne from stress that i struggle to get away. If anyone knows a remedies for these stuff please let me know. My doctor had me one on several pills and i have been to a psychologist before and they also submited pills and stuff for me but that was to many things i had to drink so my parents said i must stop. please any remedies that could probably help.

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Hello, I have struggled with stress and anxiety for a number of years and have overcome this with many types of natural healing.

For some free info take a look at this website

I hope this helps!!

Erin K.

Most importantly, be sure to drink plentey of water. At least 8 glasses a day. Good nutrition is also very important, lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Try staying away from the sugar, processed foods, junk foods, fast foods and soda pop.It will take some time getting use to eating healthy, but stick to it. Omega 3's are important they would be nuts, olive oil, fish, avacados, and such, you can take supliments of fish and flax seed oils if you need to. Check out Dr Simoncini's 3 part video on youtube about baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) It might be something that could help your irritable bowel, and it is harmless. Also Dr Mark Sircus has done a lot of research on many cures with sodium bicarbonate. I personally take 1 teaspoon every night mixed in with a glass of water at bed time. Doesn't tast great, but it has helped me a lot. Usually proper nutrition will result in less anxiety. is a great web site for natural cures. Hope this all helps, good luck with your anxiety, I know that if you stick with a good diet and drink plenty of water it will help you. God bless you, and I am praying that he will help you with this issue.


Well I agree with the poster that recommends omega 3. And many of the other recommendations that the other poster makes seem good as well. I might add wash your face with salt water for the acne take curcumin for everything from the irritable bowel syndrome to general inflammation. Try magnesium for your anxiety take vitamin d it is good for everything it would seem. Take lots of vitmin c also. Hell and vitmind b to. Try some colloidal silver as well could not hurt. If nothing else follow the other posters advice and stay away from soda and eat as much vegies as possible. Good luck brother.


irritable bowel syndrome IBS is related to a lack of seratonin in the body. seratonin is a chemical the body produces that causes us to feel relaxed and happy. stress uses it up extra fast. 5-HTP can be taken in capsules; the body, also using some other vitamins and minerals, uses it to make seratonin. you can take 50 or 100 mg. a day. with 4 oz of grape juice it gets into the brain faster. if you take it without food, it's more likely to make you sleepy. you can take up to 300 mg a day. read more at treatingand beating website. some foods have seratonin in them: chamomile tea, brown rice, mangoes, bananas, sweet potatoes. building up your body's seratonin stores fixes the IBS and anxiety's underlying problem. and insomnia, too.


search on about panic disorder..cannot post the link here

snippets of the content of the page : 'The point is that while panic attacks can certainly be serious, they are not organ-threatening. Therefore, for individuals who might wonder what to do to help the panic sufferer at the time of an anxiety attack, a more effective approach tends to be to acknowledge their fear and the intensity of their symptoms while reassuring the person having the panic attack that what is occurring is not life-threatening and can be treated.'

I think it will help that panic attack is not life threatening.

This may also help, it helped me, tried the steps based on this video: search on youtube:'Panic Attack Treatments - How I Cured My Panic Attacks Naturally'


Please start meditation. it will lower your cortisol levels helping both your anxiety and acne

Auriol Hutchins

Charne - email me and check out my Facebook page Auriol's Health Centre. Love to help babe.

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