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I read one of the entries on here and tried it just now and...instant relief! The symptoms (burning, urgent need to pee, some itching) were making me think I had a UTI, and I took two rounds of medication for one over two weeks - only to be told today by a doc that my urine sample shows I do not have, nor did I ever have a UTI!! So...after poking around on the web, I deduced it must be BV...all the symptoms fit (I started experiencing all of this in the first place right after a hot bath with epsom salts and some essential oils, which I think basically stripped away my natural good flora). It has been almost three weeks I have been dealing with these symptoms, and just now I tried one of the remedies (as I had begun to say at the top of this entry), and it FEELS SO MUCH BETTER! It was this simple: a plastic dish big enough to lower my genitals into, warm water, several drops of tea tree oil, and about a half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Instantly I felt a sense of relief. Tomorrow I will go to get something that promotes healthy flora regrowth because I am concerned that if I go take some prescribed antibiotics, I will actually make the condition worse by killing off the good bacteria - which may be what the (mistakenly prescribed) UTI antibiotics were doing...

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