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Mix two Oz. Apple Cider Vinegar with two oz. water.{Vinegar neturalizes acid}
Repeat if needed. no side affects unless you are alergic to vinegar.

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Vinegar IS an acid. Can't see how that works.


Thank you so much! This worked immediately.


As if vinegar would work!? It does! Brilliant :)


Well it worked like a dream... But it tasted like death!


My doctor told me to use organic Apple Cyder Vinegar for my reflux and it burnt all night. it didnt work for me. There is a product called Lacto Flora from Neways. after 10 weeks taking it twice a day my reflux went away and i came off somac prescription meds and gaviscon dual action which i went through fast. it has come back again 2 years later probably due to me eating chocolate.


I tried this when I first realized I had acid reflux and it made me vomit :(


This might be true for some,it especially was for me when my weight was 165 horrible GERD all the time, I took famotidine,pepcid AC,tried this and that to some relief but still GERD was a constant, now at 150lbs haven't had GERD, except for when I severely over eat pizza, marinara, or fried foods. P.S. I also quit smoking and drinking. Take care of yourself :)


Thanks for the tip. a dessert spoon of white vinegar and my husband feels human again. It really works!!!


Woke up in the middle of the night, almost in tears from the acid indigestion! Tried things like the peanut butter, pepto, mint candy...all things that worked in the past but no relief this time. So glad I had apple cider vinegar! This worked great! Thanks!!!!!


I just developed what I believe to be silent acid reflux (I dont't have heartburn.) I have a horse throat, cough that won't go away and pain when I swallow. I have tried ACV for two days and no relief yet. I will keep trying it along with peanut butter. Just wish the pain in my throat would go away...

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