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Mix two Oz. Apple Cider Vinegar with two oz. water.{Vinegar neturalizes acid}
Repeat if needed. no side affects unless you are alergic to vinegar.

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Agreed. 1 full tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar works well. Cut out coffee, chocolate, marinara sauce and eating anything after 8pm is what I was told also works.


Um... Isn't Vinegar mainly Acetic Acid and water? Wouldn't you want to use a base? Vinegar(Acetic Acid) doesn't neutralize Gastic Acid (Mostly composed of Hydrochloric acid). I will still take your word that it works, but not for that reason.


It worked. Thanks. 5 minutes and all gone!


Yes, it is acid. It works by increasing the acid in your stomach. There is a thought that GERD is caused by too little acid.


I forgot to pick up otc acid refux med today...just tried the cider vinegar and water. I may not have to buy any more med!! Cool!!


Thank you for this post. Woke up the other night with GERD and could feel the acid in my throat when I coughed. It was horrible. I looked online, found this and tried it. Although horrid to drink it worked perfectly. I felt better in moments. Thanks for sharing this solution!


Thanks for sharing this! It worked INSTANTLY! I had been suffering all afternoon and evening but didn't have a way to go buy OTC meds I've been using. Finally got so bad I was in tears and vomiting...tried the vinegar figured it couldn't make it didn't, cured it within seconds. AMAZING!


It felt like it was still there but give couple minutes to work and it's better then meds.


Thank You...Very Good Remedy!!


This is great, I used one Tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water. It's been 10 minutes, and it's not totally gone, but almost. Thank you very much.

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