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Ok, so after battling Head Lice for a YEAR with my 5 daughters I finally found something that worked. I had spent 100's of dollars on the medicated stuff it NEVER worked with them on top of doing all the things in the house that needed to be done. I read thru this forum and used some things that were mentioned a few times. You will need:

A jar of petroleum jelly
baby oil
Dawn liquid dish soap
Shower caps
Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

Right before bedtime I slathered the petroleum jelly in each kids hair I mean thick, covered their heads with the shower caps(secured the backs with a hair tie)

In the morning I removed the caps ( I could see dead lice, and nits in the cap) I added the baby oil and worked it thru

I combed thru their hair and omg was so impressed that it worked, everything came out of the hair so easy

Then I lathered there heads with the Dawn soap ( it helps break down the oils)

then washed with the shampoo and conditioner.

You may have to shampoo the hair a few times to get all the oil out especially if it is thick hair.
I hope this helps someone!!!!

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Well I think I have lice my little girl has lice as well at this moment gosh theyre such terrible things Im going to try this, this week thank you so much for this post hope this works :D


I and my daughter been battle head lice for a year i hope yhis works


I and my daughter been battle head lice for a year i hope yhis works


Trying this tonight...already got the vasaline in Ans the shower cap.....


Do u need to use a nit comb or is a regular comb ok all my nit combs keep breaking when I try to get through my own hair this is soo frustrating my daughters first year of kindergarten and we have had it 4 times in four months!


My daughter kept getting it from a girl at school. This is the only thing that works. I also blow dry her hair on the hottest setting for 10 minutes after, it dries out any remaining live eggs. This is much better than prescriptions from the doctor that don't work.

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