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I was just told by a doctor last night that I have herpes. When she was examining me, the words 'That definitely looks herpetic.' struck me like a train. I froze, and in my head I thought, 'wow. I have herpes. My life is over.' but on the outside I tried to maintain my composure. I was given acyclovir and vicodin and neither has really seemed to do anything for me. My problem is that I have my blisters around my anus and the pain is intolerable. I cannot function properly because every little thing hurts! Does anyone have any suggestions for the treatment of anal herpes, specifically the burning and stinging because it is so bad that it hurts to even sit a certain way. Is there any creams or ointments or natural remedies to soothe the outbreak around that area?

I feel so sad, ashamed, embarrassed, and scared and idk how to continue living a normal life. I'm embarrassed to tell my family and friends because I don't want to be looked at differently or feel like a walking STD. How are you guys coping? Is there any other gay males who've experienced this and could give me insight as to how your journey has been? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Try using Tucks pads (not the individual ones). It has witch hazel in it. Make sure you clean well with soap and water. I wear one daily and it works well.


I'm not a guy but Ive had Herpes for a year. Its hard to deal with and even worse alone, it helps to tell someone, your family or best friend. I'll be honest some people will treat you bad but the ones that really matter and really care bout you won't care. Soak in an Episom bath it helps, it might sting but it helps. Aloe Vera Gel (for sunburns) and honey mixed together will also help. The thing I found on it said equal parts trust me use more aloe than honey or clothes will stick to you. Also let air get to it (sleep naked) and wear loose clothing. Hope things get better for you, stay positive and talk to someone who you can trust. <3


Going Vegan helps somehow it reduces the amount of outbreaks


Someone I trusted gave me herpes and I had the same problems at first. I am extra cautious now the tub gets cleaned before and after bathing towels and rags are always fresh. Warm baths are essential to relief take one a day during an out break but only to soak use a clean tub and fresh water to actually bathe. A analgelisic with a petroleum base is very soothing to coat the game soars with I also responded well with ice packs and cold rags. Loose clothing is important to let it 'air out'. Don't feel bad when I was first diagnosed I was so hysterical my GYN scheduled a follow up appointment because he was worried. You don't have to tell everyone but I believe it is important to find someone who is TRUSTWORTHY and not JUDGEMENTAL to tell so you can talk about it. I've read Lysine helps, excercising, proper diet and tryng not to stress or get sick. Good luck and I am sorry you are having a hard time.


Best pain remedy I found was crushing up Tylenol pm and making it into a paste with water. It turns the sores blue and hurts for a minute or two but I feel nothing after!!!! It's heaven when you feel like your living in hell


Ive had herpes for about 10 years now. Pharmaceuticals never worked for me. What is a God send is cayenne pepper, garlic, raw apple cider vinegar baking soda and lemon all mixed in a glass of water or orange juice. Orange juice helps to reboost ur energy. peroxide, lemons, aloe vera and ice works best on the lesions. I have my life
God bless


Hang tight. Your body will adjust. Take your meds and use vitamins to boost immune system. Each remedy reacts differently with others. I've been testing it out. I know I take acyclovir daily couple with lysine and b vitamins. Seems to hold up fine. Itching is a bitch sometimes. Check lubricants as well as this may trigger ob. I deal with this shit for 6 months now and it's manageable except I have not had sex since. :( I think it's mental. But I'm smiling. Cheers


Try the Tylenol grated or crushed into a powder along with a crushed/grated Vitamine D pill mixed with a bit of water apply to lesion or area about to break out. In a few minutes it stops the itching/ pain. Also use witch hazel on cotton ball to help soothe area before using the paste. I tried this and it worked. There are lots of great remedies on this site. You just need to take the time to read all of them. Hang in there and go easy on yourself. This doesn't make you less of a person just inconveniences your life. It's a wake up call for me to slow down and limit the stressors in my life, eat healthy, stock up on the following: vitamin d, e c, b 12, zinc, lysine, aroma therapy oils: lavender, eucalyptus, Epsom salts, aquafor, Dermoplast spray, oil of oregano....just to name a few. And to eat lots of broccoli.

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