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My grandmother taught us to take a bottle of sweet oil,heat it up in microwave for about 20 seconds or until its very warm.Get a cotton ball and put the very warm sweet oil on it and put it in your ear,replace about every hour or so. It's always worked or our family so maybe it will be helpful for someone else. :)

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What is 'sweet oil?'


Sweet Oil is Olive Oil, just sold at the pharmacy.


That's all we ever use :)


So doin dis would take yo ear infections away, and 4 how many days?


works amazingly


I had an ear ache yesterday and I thought my grandma was crazy when she said sweet oil! But it REALLY WORKS GREAT!


by far my favorite so far! I have swimmer's ear and it's painful... maybe the worst pain I've ever felt! this definitely lessened the pain, I still have sharp pains, but other then that it helped tremendously! thanks so much.

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