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grateful for oral surgeon using clove!

It was my oral surgeon who told me about cloves to ease my dry socket. He placed clove into the socket and then secured it in place with packing that he added a bit of pain reliever, similar to oragel. After almost a week of excruciating pain, I was pain free within 20 minutes! It was amazing, and wished I'd called him before my scheduled follow-up. He said every few days he'd remove it, irrigate the hole to clean it, and re-pack it. Well, it's Thanksgiving wrrkend and he's out of town, so I won't see him until Monday. The clove and packing fell out
Late Thanksgiving night. I expected to need to use the Vicodin until Monday when I see him. But it is now Saturday night, a full two days after the clove and packing fell out, and I am still pain free! I'm so grateful for the surgeon's advice and insistence that we use clove to ease my pain and begin the healing process.

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