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let me preface by saying this should be used for only the worst cases of poison, when you can't seem to get it to stop spreading. this may sound a little harsh, but if you've got the moxy, it's most effective! take medium grit sand paper and rub the affected area, popping any blisters and effectively roughing up the top layer of skin. don't get too carried away, just a few passes with medium pressure will do. then pour on a healthy dose of rubbing alcohol...i know, i know...sounds nuts, but a bad case of poison ivy will drive you way more crazy! anyway, the poison will dry up and fade overnight, no problem!

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u r stupid if u think thats not gonna hurt




i tried this and it helped a lot! Still have the posion ivy but its healing but it stung!


ok.I live in South Mississippi.On the coast.So poison ivy grows crazy where i live.Every summer i get poison ivy at least 6 times.The best thing you can do is go to your local doctor and get a steroid shot.Then get them to prescribe you a steroid pack.You take a dose of pills every day.DO NOT SCRATCH THE POISON IVY!I know it hurts like shit,but dont.and all these dumbasses that are saying use hot water,dont listen.Hot water makes it spread.Last summer i got it really bad,and my brother told me to take a bath in scolding hot water as a joke and my face swole up like a baloon.So use cold water.The best thing you can do is use regular benadryl for the itch.


First off, I want to thank everyone who has posted their home remedies on here. I just did this and it hurt alot but I just dealt with it. so far since I popped all the blisters it doesn't hurt as bad. i'm a 16 year old boy, and I do alot of landscaping kinda work, so Ive been getting poison Ivy a lot lately but this is definetly the worst case I've ever had. It's all over my legs. I cheer for wren high school in piedmont south carolina and we have practice tomorrow and I can't wear my practice shorts bc my legs look horrible. I'm gonna do my legs with alcohol like every hour or so and seehow that works.


The sandpaper and alocohol treatment didn't do it for me. My doctor has given me 3 prescriptions now and the little blisters are still there. She said it's in my bloodstream. I think the bleach option seems to be the best. I've experimented on each arm and each leg with a different remedy. The bleach seems to be winning.

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