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let me preface by saying this should be used for only the worst cases of poison, when you can't seem to get it to stop spreading. this may sound a little harsh, but if you've got the moxy, it's most effective! take medium grit sand paper and rub the affected area, popping any blisters and effectively roughing up the top layer of skin. don't get too carried away, just a few passes with medium pressure will do. then pour on a healthy dose of rubbing alcohol...i know, i know...sounds nuts, but a bad case of poison ivy will drive you way more crazy! anyway, the poison will dry up and fade overnight, no problem!

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open sore

you're as crazy as the blowtorch guy!


yeap I've tried it and it worked, sure it's a little painfull but if any of you get the stuff like I do then you know how important it is to have it gone asap! By the way bleach works good also

Irritated with IVY

The Alcoholdoes work i've been doing that for a badcase that spread recently.




OMG i get poison ivy every summer an it scks like hell an i mean i would do anything toget rid of it i take alot of pain but i would rather stick to wet the effected area an pour salt an let it burn then go through pain like that you must be nuts to lets teenage kids like me surf the net to get rid of it an come across some thin like this!!!!


Just did it with Sand Paper and Javex...

Hurt like Shi*

Rubbed it till it bled a little, poured bleach on it.

waited 20 minutes till it stopped stinging,


2nd time is much worse.

Just looks like I fell off my bike lol, supposed to be cleared up in 2 days, we'll see!

if u want the results lol

not a dumbass

This is what I like to refer to as complete 'Dumbassedness'. I won't even start on the scarring that you are subjecting yourself too, but I will say that rubbing bleach all over your skin, all the while inhaling it into your lungs, is the most assanine thing I have ever heard. Take a shower, rub Desitin all over the infected area and go to bed. It may take a day or so, but you won't be in the hospital with chemical bronchitis or bleach burns.


I have not slept well for a week due to the itching and burning. I wanted to peel my skin off. so here it is at 2am searching for remedies since i have already been to the doctor, got the shot, did the medrol dose pack, and have gone through 4 tubes of creams. The alcohol works! my inflammation was terrible. i keep a rag soaked in the alcohol and keep applying to my hands as they dry. i started by just pouring on my skin over the sink. it has done more good than anything else i tried.
don't use sandpaper. use a rough washcloth and rub hard, one it lets you scratch like you've been wanting to. i think some of the alcohol is from being cold.
will do salt tomorrow.
thanks for the tips


I get poison ivy every flippin time i go out to the coutry im highly allergic to it so tonight i got really pissed because i cant sleep for shit. i took peroxide and doused the area, then i took an a bunch of alchohal prep pads, and i used 1 to rub over the area. i took the rest and covered the entire area.i covered this with gauze and tape. ill be on later to tell you how well it worked and how fast


i tried it about 20 min. ago, and it didn't hurt that bad at all. After it dried, I put Vick's Vapor rub on it, and it killed the burn and any itch left over. So far it works great.

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