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I'm a 22 year old female, I've been with one person, ever. He either didn't know he had it or lied to me. I got my first outbreak years after we broke up. My doc said that's normal. The initial breakout was horrendous, second worst pain of my life(first being tattoo removal). Peeing was damn near impossible and I would hold it until I couldn't anymore because I was terrified to go. The pain was so bad that I felt like I was going to pass out every time. I only had 2 small blisters so those weren't even a huge bother. I didn't do anything for it except take the meds the doc prescribed. I was diagnosed 8 months ago and have had a break-out about ever other month so far. Nothing compared to the first and I just let them clear up on their own. Usually takes about a week. The pain is nothing I can't handle and until I go to wipe I don't even notice it. I am going to try some of the supplements people have listed so I can stop the breakouts all together, so hope that works.

I cried over it once, on the car ride home after the doctors appt, then I let it go and made my peace with it. This is now my life, and it's far from perfect but nothing I go will change it and so I need to accept it and I am strong enough to accept it. It did not change who I am, it did not make me dirty or a slut. I got the short of the stick, and someone lied and/or cheated on me. Life isn't fair, and I'm not a fan of self pity. This isn't a club anyone wants to be a part of, but since I'm a member, I'll take it and be glad it wasn't something worse.

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I'm glad you've made your peace with it. I was the same way, in that I allowed myself to cry and be devistated once and then said 'this is how it is... Nothing I can do.'

I really wish there was a way to erase the stigma behind it, because that really is the worst part. Being alone, and having no one to really confide in. My partner now was the person I contracted it from, he says he didn't know and I've chosen to believe him.

I've found the best thing for me has been taking valtrex every other day and staying clear of foods that I know will set off an outbreak. Using a warm compress while I pee helps (sounds gross, I know) takes away a lot of the pain when I do have the occasional out break.

Good luck with everything, stay strong.:)


I'm a 22 year old female also.
As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but feel like this is so similar to my experience. I was diagnosed about 11 months ago. I am not promiscuous or anything like that, I was unlucky and caught it of my boyfriend(who I am still with) who had a cold sore but no visible blister. I didn't even know that was possible at the time. I learnt that lesson the hard and very painful way.
I never thought I would be a member if this club either but here we are.
Good luck with everything :)

a mom

Well, I am a parent of someone recently diagnosed with GH - my daughter is still practically in denial, I love my daughter, and I am not ashamed of her in any way or form. The more I 'Educate' myself about this disease, the more I realize that she did nothing wrong, her partner seems to be a 'carrier' and didn't even know that he had this, my goal at this time is to learn as much about this as I can and help her find alternative treatments to to keep her from recurrent outbrakes/flare ups. One this I have noticed in basically all that I have read is that the majority of the people have with this disease have poor inmune system - my daughter had 'mono' as a teen ager and has always been prone to colds and skin conditions. Maybe someday soon there will be a cure - please DON'T ever give up - hold your head's up high you have nothing to be ashamed of - but do - educate yourselfs on how to keep this as much under control as possible. God Bless You all!

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