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I didn't originally intend on writing my own experience but I figured if it could help someone out I might as well. I first used peroxide to clean the area then did the ACV, diluted because people said it burns, it didn't burn me at all, just a cooling sensation and worked just as well. Because of where my warts are (around the vaginal opening) I soaked a tampon and had it half in and half out for about an hour and a half while I laid in bed and watched tv cause obviously I can't really walk around. After that I used peroxide again and then betadine, followed by tea tree oil. After one day the difference was HUGE. I didn't have any spreading like some people have said so maybe I'm just lucky.

I've been with one person, who told me he was a virgin. So a cheater and/or liar got me here. It sucks, but it's life.

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that person may very well have been a virgin and also acquired hpv in one of the many ways possible - such is the nature of this virus :(

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