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ive got a massive hole ( you may as well say the tooth isnt there) in a impacted wisdom tooth and its been giving me hell for a few days now, tonight i couldnt stand it anymore so i tryed cloves and vanilla essence and it kicked ass 0 pain from a 8/10 to a 0/10 anyways its 2am im off to get some sleep =D

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Dr. Oz talked show had a person on the show talking about home remedies and they said to use cloves as well, said this was great! So I'm going to try the cloves by itself. Thanks!,


Its either massivly infected or something mote serious theres a good size mass down along inner jaw line, Holy crap it's 3am an back up again my tooth is half broken off right lower corner front tooth and pain shooting every where all over right side of my face an temple an ear area. I took a hydrocodone with 2 Eleve an ONLY eases the pain not take it away for 2 to 3hr hands going numb from sitting up putting so much pressure on my jaw but helps some there has to be something besides popping Eleve every 2 hrs going to kill my stomach thought Eleve was good for 8hrs? Even tried deep relaxation tech like they do in martial arts. An even swished with warm salt water that made it worse. Swished with pure fluoride mouth was helped some. Origel forget it don't work not strong enough.


I do not recomend salt. Remedy works till you can see a dentist .try vanila .clove.garlic say 90percent relief

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