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Hey all. I had the feeling I had genital warts for 3 months now, so I've been following this thread.

Initially, all I got from my doctor's visits was misdiagnosis and wrong information about STIs. You wouldn't believe the things I was told (considering she's a medical doctor). I finally went to a gynaecologist, and I was 'happy' he confirmed I have GW. Mine are mainly internal, so not easy to treat. The only option I was given is getting them burned away under full anaesthesia. I am TERRIFIED of anaesthesia (I have the irrational fear of not waking up), so for now I want to explore all my options.

I have a very good homeopath. She recommended me to take Thuja 200c. 5 of the big granules or 12 if they are very small ones. You take this dose for 3 consecutive days in the morning on an empty stomach, 1 hour before having breakfast. This is the treatment she recommended ME. Homeopathy works energetically. In order for a treatment to be successful, the remedy has to be the right one for you. So best is to go see someone yourself. If you don't have access to a homeopath, it wouldn't do any wrong to give it a try, but it could be a waste of money. I'll let you know how it works for me.

Could someone let me know whether I can use ACV also internally? It seems a bit difficult.

I told my best friend and she was very practical about it. She said: 'so you won't be able to have sex when you have an outbreak'.

I'm still in the phase where I am angry and disappointed. I only recently started being sexually active with someone. He kept making me feel bad about wanting to use a condom ... so 1 time he kept saying how he'd recently been tested anyway and that he didn't have anything ... and I gave in (even though I knew he's recently been with quite a few women). I think this is what makes me so angry: I did something I didn't want to do and felt pushed. I never thought that I would just give in, so I'm disappointed with myself and feel stupid.

I know it's by far the end of the world, but I'm still in the initial shock. It doesn't matter how much you know about STIs or how careful you are ... sometimes it just hits you.

I just needed to share this. I'm happy to hear of any advice. As I said, I have internal warts, deep inside (close to cervix but not on cervix).

Wishing you all the best.

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How did you figure out they were internal?


I have on my cervix and now there around my vaginal and anal area they spread my docs r making me wait.3 weeks for a biopsy and they.burn snd feel like im being poked by needles but i hope all of us get healed good luck and oh ya i only hsd one partner in my life but only god knows how many times he cheated on me but oh well this is life


Just so you are aware,almost 80% of the pop is affected with HPV at some point in their life. 80%! Nothing to ever be ashamed of. The odds are you will get it no matter what you do. Most dont even know they have it or display any symptoms ever and your body takes care of the whole strain in time. Its almost impossible to test men for it unless they have a symptom and even then there are no good tests. Cancer is really the only thing you have to worry about but that is rare. If you are under 26 there is a vaccine i would suggest getting after you show neg results.

Helpful one

You can use ACV inside but protect your cervix!!!! I didn't the first time and I experienced random bleeding and terrible shooting pains during sex. Put A&D ointment on it before treating with ACV and squeeze out the excess ACV so it doesn't run. Take it slow as the skin will come off very easily. Mine melted away at times bc I was too severe with treatment. I had a HUGE cauliflower looking one that was an inch wide and half an inch tall. It went away in two days. I had to apply aloe to that dead skin that settled in my vagina. Put dry cotton on top of the wet cotton so you don't irritate other areas. Don't use too much vitamin e as it can cause your skin to get sponge like and white. Tea tree oil mixed with ACV really works too. Turned my warts jet black in less than an hour.


I know exactly how you feel. my now ex bf pretty much did the identical scenario to me. he was cheating with multiple women and also gave me chlamydia on top of it all. acv works really well internally just be careful when you do it. good luck!

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