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My Dad swears blind that putting aftershave on a cold sore a few times a day dries it out and gets rid of it quick.

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all my mates say that works...i have a coldsore now...i have had 2 in 3 days, first one was only little but still it really sucks. its friday now and i have a wedding on saturday (im meeting all my boyfriends family!! so really important!) i will try this aftershave thing n if it works i owe u big time!! i will keep u posted! thanks


Make sure you use 'Old Spice'!


Because it contains alchohol, of course it will help to dry it up and keep it free of bacteria... has a minimizing effect, but doesn't accelerate healing.


not all shaving creams have alcohol, but a majority of them do




Tried it worked it lol

Yep thanks it total worked it went wihin a day or so ! yay

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