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12yrs ago I had a few warts on my hands and knee, by some bizarre idea, I decided to use Vicks vapour rub. Each day and night I would apply just enough to cover the wart and to my surprise after two weeks of daily application, they not only disappeared but they have never returned. I recommended this same remedy to my partner after a lot of convincing (and many failed attempts of other remedies suggested by others) concerning a small wart on his finger and after a week, it completely disappeared. It only cost $3.50 or there abouts for a small pot of Vicks vapour rub and a week or two but you will definitely notice a change in size by the third day :)

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I am so going to try this I have tried many others remedies and nothing has worked so far so what do I have to lose! I hate this stupid thing on my finger, it's truly embarrassing I feel I have hide my hand so no one will see it! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


When you apply the vicks do u cover it with tape or anything or do u just rub and leave it open?


Do you cover the wart with tape when you apply the Vicks? Or do you just leave it out in the open?

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