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I have suffered with headaches for years. When my husband and I were first married (21 yrs ago) I would ask him to pull my hair at the base of my neck upward to release the pressure. He got kind of tired of doing that every month so now, I have a back massager and I massage my neck, jaw, ears and forehead. I heard somewhere that stimulating blood flow is key. Every time I get a headache now, I take my script, plug in my massager and I am relaxed and in less pain. Enough to make me fall asleep in 15-20 min. This is a weird one, but try it, it really works!!

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Omg i read your post and thought it sounded crazy as hell. I'm so desperate i'd try anything and to my surprise the pulling of the hair thing is awesome. Thx your a genius.


The hair thing does work..something about the counter pressure of pulling really helps...I have my kids do it lol, but they get tired of it. I will have to try a neck massager. Thanks,


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