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I had constipation bad the week before thanksgiving. I tried everything from hot water and jogging to laxatives to prune juice. Nothing worked. The prune juice came the closest making me poop tiny bits every few hours but not enough to relieve my constipation. Thanksgiving day I drank 8 ounces of magnesium citrate. It comes in a glass bottle from a drugstore or walmart.. it doesn't taste pleasant but you can mix it with orange juice or a fruit smoothie or some grape or prune juice to make the taste better. Within five hours I was flushed out. Its the disgusting miracleliquid for adults or children with constipation!

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What s your age?


This is what I use, I drink the whole bottle down and it works within a couple hours usually and works every time. Like you said, it doesn't taste real great but OJ makes it much better.


Every time I've tried that (4 times. Different flavor each time) it cause me to vomit within the hour. It's awful. I am warning you.

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