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I've found only one thing that actually helps burning while peeing, for women! - soak a wash cloth or toilet paper with cold water and hold it against your vaginal area while peeing. If the urine hits and affected areas, the coldness of the cloth or toilet paper will help ease any biting sensation. You may get some urine on your hand but, who cares! It's the ONLY way I can pee with none or minimal burning!

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I don't have OB often but when I do I began by soaking in a bath as hot as I can stand it and afterwards applying petroleum jelly to my blister. I find that this helps with burning while urinating and also keeps it from being irritated by other factors. After doing this routine a few days in a row the OB disappears I think the blister hates being caked over with petroleum jelly. Hope this helps anyone in need of some type of remedy.


I agree, in part, with the cold cloth or toilet paper relieving pain when peeing, for women. This may sound weird to some people, but I found pouring cold water over the OB area while urinating helps to relief almost 100% of the pain. And, the OB went away within a couple of days. I rinsed in the shower since it gave me the opportunity to clean off at the same time.

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