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Acne is a nightmare for anyone. There is tons of high cost items on the market even prescription stuff that does not work for most. Many years ago I took a special class about minerals, vitamins and what they do by a man that had a larger lab then most malls. His son suffered from bad acne too. When there was no help from even the dematologist he began to investigate for himself. He found one Zinc a day cured his kid! Ya it was that simple. The Zinc you buy at Walmart. For years after I advised people with acne to try it. So far it has never let me down. It came to my own grandsons turn for acne at age 13. While I was looking up the dose for his age I should not have been shocked at what I found. It was a medical artical about how kids bodies produce much less zinc starting around age 13. That would explain why it works so well. Acne is like a toxin in the body. Zinc not only kills many germs but removes acne plaque and other body gunk. The down side in some is that youre face may get worse in the first month because its pushing all the toxins out of your body depending on how bad your face is. After that its all up hill. NEVER take more then one mineral a day! It wont work any faster and over doasing a mineral could be lethal. The biggest shock I had was a boy that came to my door with super pizza face. I asked him what he was doing for his acne? He said going to the dermatologist for years with a lot of money and little help. I told him about the zinc he said he would try it at that point what was a 4.00 investment? He came back to my house 3 weeks later....I did not recognize him. I think his only worked so fast because he had been using pharmacutical things before. He was so happy now he didnt have to make any more visits to a dermatologist office. So why is this kept so quiet? Not much money in a bottle of zinc.

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How much zinc?


Yes, how much?


The lady said one zinc a day


I've been doing this on & off over the years and it works every time! I take just 1 capsule of zinc a day with food (It upsets my stomach if I don't take it with food.) It heals up the big red zits fast & stops new ones from forming. I recommend this.


So is this only for 13 year olds or can a 17 year old use it as well?


how many milligrams of zinc please? I'm really interested.

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