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Grandma Mimi

A 3 generation care giver, we grannys know a thing or two. Never stock up on diapers before baby is born, unless you want cloth. I recall paper diapers were new and super when my son was born. The big problem I had was my kid broke out from pampers and most others the johnson brand if they still make them was the only one that caused no more rash. Back then it was the perfumes used by many brands he reacted to. The game has changed in huge ways. Companies use anything cheap to make a diaper. If they somehow start in China I would wonder about the plastic. If your baby has a constant rash try new brands and different laundry soaps. Tide is a brand of laundry soap most adults break out from in my family, a baby wouldnt stand a chance. Its a good idea to avoid using baby powder too. It retains the moisture holding it on the skin not only causing skin irritation (barring they are allergic to the powder). It may cause a yeast infection as well, less is more on the bottom. If the rash does not go away no matter what you try its time to see a doctor. We did have one case where the child was born a diabetic and the urin was burning the baby. Ask for the test if it runs in your family. Diabetis cant always tell age.

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