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After reading everyones posts I have to say Listerine and Tea Tree Oil worked the best for me. BUT my grandmother who is almost 90 had THE BEST remedy and everyone SHOULD have this at home.....ok here it is....
Take Aspirin and grind it to a powder then mix it with Vasaline! Apply every couple hours or as needed. She keeps it on hand for other things but she said she got it from a lady during the war in Germany when there were NO pills or prescriptions for help with Shingles. YUP thats it and I swear it WORKS! Good luck everyone....This is a MISERABLE condition to have!!

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D. Brown

This treatment sounds good for adults, but using aspirin on anyone under 19 years of age during a viral infection is very dangerous due to the risk of Reyes Syndrome. Even if applied topically (on the skin), aspirin can be absorbed into the bloodstream, and therefore should not be used on children or teenagers with shingles (i.e. viral infection of Herpes Zoster).

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