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my 6 month old lab has the mange, he has lost hair from face and legs, and ive been fighting it for two months, ive tryed everything, i think i have finely found something that works, its called nu stock, i got it at my local feed store for around $15. i just got it today and put it on him and he has stopped all the scratching as soon as i put it on and resting comfortably , im very hopeful that this is going to work. it does smell bad but it isnt bothering him. ill repost later with how it turns out

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Standard human medicated dandruff shampoo. But the Borax, Peroxide and water really works. Also you can give them a half of a children's dose of Benadryl.


I have a 1yr old bird/hound dog mix, he has what looks like mange. I did some research and all of the medicated shampoos you get from vet have various ingredients, such as Coal Tar, sacylic acid. I just washed him with Neutrogena TGel extra strength (coal tar) and the conditioner has sacylic acid. So we will see. Funny thing is just a week ago he was at the vet office twice for porcupine quill removal. I am thinking he picked it up at the vet office.


Use human dandruff shampoo any brand works. I have three. It also works on allergies and dry skin on dogs. If you have ringworm on a dog, use nizoril dandruff shampoo it has ketaconozol which is an antifungal.

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