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my 6 month old lab has the mange, he has lost hair from face and legs, and ive been fighting it for two months, ive tryed everything, i think i have finely found something that works, its called nu stock, i got it at my local feed store for around $15. i just got it today and put it on him and he has stopped all the scratching as soon as i put it on and resting comfortably , im very hopeful that this is going to work. it does smell bad but it isnt bothering him. ill repost later with how it turns out

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just doing an update on the nu stock, as of right now it looks to be working, i will repost later this week on how its going.


how did it work?


Did it end the mange?


Please let me know the outcome a.s.a.p my friend dog is almost look dead and has no hair and sores all over her also she is infested with fleas which I have under control.


My dog had the mange, what worked for me was MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO ! No name brand $3. Use liberally and scrub roughly, let sit for 5 minutes and rinse well. He slept all night ( and so did we ) no chewing or scratching. And then he slept all day the next day. So for 1 week, every other day I gave him a bath with the MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO... Problem solved !!! Miss he gets a bath once a week with the cheep MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO . We never want to go through that again.


@ Joyce: Thank you SO MUCH! The inexpensive dandruff shampoo is working wonderfully. Oso is able to sleep right now and looks better already. Oso is a boxer and so you can really see his skin on his chest and tummy, it is no where near as red and inflamed. We just washed him a couple hours ago and will continue to follow you instructions thank you again.


@ Joyce The shampoo i have to use is for dogs or regular head and shoulder for humans? because i have tried everything im getting desperate and my poor dog doesnt have an appt for another week. Not to many vets out here see pittbulls and my poor baby is going crazy scratching and biting...


My dog has localized demodex on his face. He is 18 wks old. He has been on keflex from the vet for 10 days and last night we noticed a new spot on the other side of his face. I ordered nu stock and am taking to another vet for a second opinion. It's hard BC its just on his face..should I be washing him to prevent it from potentially spreading? The first vet SD no.


The dog will lick the nu stock off and become sulfa toxic vomiting and potentially causing permanent damage to the kidneys and toxic hemolytic anemia. Do not do this without an elizabeth collar


Is this dander shampoo for dogs or humans? Where can I buy it?

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