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I am 22 now and contracted HSV1 genitally when I was 15. I had blood work done, came back negative, so I lived thinking I did not have it for three years. At the age of 18 I had another one and that's when I came out of denial and accepted it. The first one I ever had I had to have a catheter put in because I could no pee. I went over 40 hours without going to the bathroom. That was to this day the worst one I have ever had. They get less worse with each one I get. I have had four total. The one when I was 15, 18, 20(when I had my daughter,) and now that I'm 22. I have a very loving and supporting husband. He was my best friend when I was first diagnosed so he has always known.
I am looking very forward to trying these remedies some of you have listed because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I need to be around a lot of people without letting on that something is wrong and tomorrow the way my OBs usually go I will be totally immobile and won't be able to walk.
My remedy is this. With the peeing thing. Take one of those paper dixie cups and cut the bottom out. Hold it up to yourself and pee. It stops the urine from hitting the sores and it makes going to the bathroom so much more bearable if you don't get them up inside of your self! This trick has saved my life every outbreak that I have had! The other thing that works is Valtrex. I keep it stocked up for when I get an outbreak because I take a double dose twice a day until the sores are gone.
Just remember that you're not dirty for having this. It took me a long time to accept this. I still feel ashamed when I get an OB because I can't be there for my daughter the ways that I need to be but I have a very loving and supporting man who bends over backwards when I get an OB to make sure I'm comfortable.

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hi, i also have herpes, i also get them very badly. i am married, and we want to have a kid, but i am very scared i will give it to my child. how was that experience for you? o ya catch 22 i am allergic to acyclovir, veltex, basically every med. so i was wundering if u have any trix


hi, I'm 17 and have the virus as well and I'm worried that I will never be able to get married and have sex again without dangerously putting someone at risk. How do you handle that? Do you have unprotected sex with your husband? If so, how do you keep him from contracting the disease.


Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys! I am once again having an outbreak because I have the mirena and it has now given me Pelvic Inflammatory Disease twice and the meds they have to give me to cure it cause me to have an outbreak. My mirena will be coming out next week after this out break is over So I came back on to see if anyone had any new tricks!
Having a baby and having HSV1 wasn't bad at all. My midwife assured me that if she saw any signs of an outbreak during labor that she would give me a c-section. I did not pass the virus to my daughter and was able to do a vaginal birth which was amazing. Just know your body and know your signs of an outbreak and you should be just fine :-)
My HSV has never been an issue in our relationship because my husband was one of the first people I told back in high school when I first found out I had it and he has always been an amazing support system. We have unprotected sex yes but if I even have an itch, a burn, soreness in that region we do not have sex until we are sure of the source and we always use condoms for two weeks after the total cessation of the sores! This disease isn't a life destroyer I can promise you that! I even dated guys who did not know I had it and were fine with it when I told them! There are tons of guys out there who won't freak out about it! You will be just fine as far as getting married and having kids in the future. Just remember that you have the disease and you control it, it does not control you! You can use these remedies and really help bring the severity down! My husband went out and bought me a whole bunch of stuff for my last outbreak and I was able to cook that thanksgiving dinner in my heels with all of my friends there and that was an amazing and powerful feeling! I did have pain every now and then but my best friend was there and she knew what was going on so she made me take breaks now and then and sit down because I'm a hard head :-p

Florida lady

Genius idea with the dixie cup. Best news I've ever had. New outbreak today and was dreading the urinating. Tea tree oil seems to really help me. I am 56 and haven't had sex since 2001. First outbreak (what a shock) last year. Crazy.


Is the mirena causing the outbreak.i on mirena too

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