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Hi again, it is now day 8 after having my 3 wisdom teeth pulled, still in pain but it is easing slightly each day and with the clove oil, and strong pain killers i mentioned in my last post it is almost manageable. Dentists should definately stress to patients how careful you must be after the extraction and tell you how much pain you will be in if your not !! I wish they had told me.

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story here my pup broke my tooth, no dental so had to be put on a waiting list, meanwhile tooth started to have some pain, wasnt feeling well at all kinda like flu bug crud! weeks turned into 3 months one day at work felt more weak and was having chest pain seen at the er, doc said stress from work being tired, woke up in the morning face swollen lots of pain, went to the dentist my tooth was infected took meds felt better in a week or so!!! still waiting for appointment!! so i had my tooth pulled did everything the dentist said they failed to tell me not to have hot things!! all i was drinking was hot tea coffee and chicken broth!!!ok pain was way worse barly holding on threw the weekend seen the dentist on monday as a walkin not good!! dentist put me threw the worse pain i have ever felt Ive had 4 children been threw big bumps in life but NEVER nothing like this, so im home for 3 hours and what the dentist did failed back to pain GOD!! my son seen this page went and got me clove oil like said taste not so great but take that any day for where my world has been...shutdown..... see dentist hope tomarrow... throw a little laughter in this matter my pup grabbed my cotton ball with clove oil the look on his face was priceless I told him thats what he gets for knocking my tooth out!!! oh felt so good to laugh again!!! thank all you for your tips im sorry that anyone would ever go threw this!!!!

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