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Samantha L.

Skin Tags and I are enemies. I started to develop skin tags a few years ago. I cut a few off when I got desperate but this is a really bad idea. Here is what I recommend.

1)Don't cut off your skin tags
2)Use an all natural cream called Skinhale to remove your skin tags
3)Use lotion to prevent further skin tags
4)As a last resort use ACV. It stinks and may take weeks but if you can stand the smell use it andit may come off.

Good luck and stay strong. We can beat these skin tags!

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what is ACV/


i think acv is apple cider vinegar


Why do people just write the name.What is ACV? I f you give information that helps. Please.

Sean Peck

Cutting tags off your body can pose more danger than letting it be on the skin. The frustration and concern is easily understood but having to them off is really harmful to your skin. In fact it can leave scars that can never be removed off the skin. I too, had this problem till the recent past and I know that things that we will be ready to have this thing removed off the body. On my usual searches on how to get this thing removed, I happened to visit “” and the details about the product really convinced to buying it and one of my friends suggested that it was a very good product to remove the tags. So I tried it and it removed all the tags without any pain or irritation.


what is acv

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