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The yummiest remedy I found for UTI...
Take some granny smith apples pieces skinned... Take some white vinegar and add some salt for taste.. Use it as a dip for the apple slices and eat them.. Trust me it's heavenly taste and it works.. You can drink the left over vinegar after eating the apple.. If you don't feel the magic in an hour, I ll take the blame :-) Have a healthy living.. Health is wealth..

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Excellent solution, thank you so much for posting it. I feel good in 30mins.��


Thank you, thank you, thank you....I wish I had known about this home remedy earlier. Been battling a UTI for a month...2 different antibiotics, and it keeps recurring. The apple/vinegar remedy made me feel better within 1 hour as promised. Wow!


Was seriously skeptical when I tried this remedy - was pleasantly suprised by the taste - and even more astonished with the results! after an hour almost all symptoms were gone - AMAZING


Do you eat all the apple? And how much vinegar?


Thank you so much i was taking cipro for a week didin't help at all. When i read on line for home remedy i tried and also i tried ulca seltzer i felt soso much better. Thanks again. it's worth, give it a try.


I have battled them for over 20 years and nothing helped. I went to a urologist and they couldn't find anything wrong. I tried the apple and vinegar and it's the best I have ever felt! I'm actually starting to live a little again too! Also it tastes so good I look forward to eating it everyday. Thank you so much for sharing!!


I must be doing something wrong - nothing heavenly about this taste & I couldn't bring myself to drink the vinegar BUT symptoms have subsided so I'd do it again...


How much of each are you suppose to use!?


Does it have to be Granny Smith apples? Will red Jazz apples work too?


It really works. But I didn't do it everyday. Still having problems. I would recommend a couple times a day. This was amazing.

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