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I don't have a remedy, I just wanted to say that I found out 2 nights ago that I have Genital Herpes. This is very difficult for me and I am scared. I ve read a lot of you alls testimonies and I felt a bit of relief. Especially when I noticed someone else felt like they had a large sign painted on their forehead with a diagnosis. Day 3 with GN wasn't as bad as yesterday. I am definitely going to continue to research and live with a little more ease each day knowing that life goes on and I am not alone. Thanks

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I was diagnosed on yesterday and I am pretty shocked to say the least. As I think back months ago, I recall a time when urinating felt like hell and I was all read and swollen. I remwmbered trying everything including diaper rash cream and then one day it was over. I hadn't experienced that again but did have an OB that I thought was an infected hair bump. Now here I am months later HIT with this news and no longer with the guy. We don't even talk due to a very bad breakup. I feel cheated, cursed, misused, lied to...DIRTY! I had been speaking with my childhood sweetheart and he and I have discussed becoming a couple. He'll be here for Christmas and I have no clue how to tell him or anyone for that matter. I feel like my life is over! 43yo female


I'm from England , never do I worry about genital herpes because my carelessness and alcohol consumption lead me to be living with this.
I'm from London and am open 2 switch numbers with anyone who finds it hard 2 talk to people !!!

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