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Chris L

I've been suffering from Genital Warts for years. I think the overall best remedy to remove Genital Warts is to boost your immune system to fight if off. I alos tried Skinhale Wart Remover to remove my genital warts whenever they appear.

Apple Cider Vinegar didn't work for me. Plus it stinks! From all my experience this is what I recommend.

First: Boost your immune system to fight off genital warts.
Second: Use Skinhale to remove any current Genital Warts.
Third:As a last resort Apple Cider Vinegar can work but it may take weeks! But if you do use it, apply ACV to a cotton swab and place on the warts 2 times a day covering with tape. Repeat daily for about a month. It should work but beware it does smell really bad. Good luck and stay strong. You are not alone.

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Green tea vitamins mixed with coco butter or coconut something thick (I personally am using it with palmers cocoa butter formula that's all I could find) or by themselves work and its a tiny bit irratated but nothing compared to acv


does the cocoa butter really works?
coz i cant stand wit the smell and ACV really hurt me lots..


Cocoa butter wony work. I actually masterbate with cocoa butter and mine are there.

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