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my daughter is barely 16mos old, and i noticed part of her left big toenail looking yellow/bumpy/flaky 1.5wks ago. since my parents both have nail fungus & have been helping me taking care of her for almost a yr now, i knew fairly certain what it was. our pediatrician told me to use lamisil, but after reading the labels, i didn't feel comfortable using it. then i stumbled on this site & read all the posts.

this is what i did:
- tea tree oil and vaporub w/ bandage after every bath at night. no socks, just pj w/ footie
- alcohol & tto in the morning. no bandage/shoes, just socks
- wash the pj's everyday, separate nail clippers for feet & hands.

after a week, the bumpy part has moved up on the nail bed & new growth looks to be healthy. will have to confirm after it grows out, but looking good so far!

i also had my dad start doing the same thing. he's had nail fungus since before he and my mom got married. after less than a week, the black spot on his nail is gone.

thanks so much guys!

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